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Summer Lovin'

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Same hair jewelry - Three very different styles.

I absolutely love Montgomery. This hair jewelry piece has been with me throughout all of summer in NYC. I've worn Montgomery when my hair was in a high bun, low bun, ponytail, or beach-waved. 

Check out the styles below. 

Look 1: Tie your hair in a ponytail. Twist your ponytail around your hair tie in a simple and imperfect bun. Fasten your bun with Charleston . Then take Montgomery and using the two bobby pins, secure them on either side of your bun. 



Look 2: Tie your hair in a low ponytail. Twist your ponytail around your hair tie loosely. As you twist your ponytail and you've created the loose bun, secure your bun by attaching one side of the bobby pin (of Montgomery) and insert the pin in your bun. Twist Montgomery two to three times around your bun, and then secure the other bobby pin by inserting it towards your bun again. 


Look 3: Do a simple low ponytail. Insert one ponytail horizontally above your hair tie. Wrap Montgomery up to four times around your ponytail. Clip the other bobby pin inside your ponytail. 

Which is your favorite Montgomery look? 


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