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Easy, Chic Hairstyle for Every Business Woman!

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Balancing your career, maintaining a fitness routine and keeping up with the social trends can be rigorous.  Luckily with IVChic and the Holidays around the corner, we can help transition your look from day to night and office to party.  Constantly applying heat to your hair is not only unhealthy, but takes too much time and effort. Fortunately, there is a hairstyle to easily transition from meetings to events effortlessly.   

My favorite hairstyle is a simple bun. This hairstyle adds simplicity, chic-ness, and sophistication.  The best part is, it only takes five minutes to complete. I always like to make a statement, so I add hair jewelry.

Follow the easy steps and let your hair do the talking.   

You’ll Need:
One hair tie, three Memphis pearl spiral pins, three Charleston
pearl pins.

Step 1:
Tie your hair in a low ponytail.

Step 2: Wrap your ponytail around your hair. As you wrap your ponytail and you have created the loose bun, secure your bun by twisting Memphis into your hair. Repeat the same twisting movement with the remaining two Memphis’.
Step 3: Lastly, take Charleston and pin them towards your bun.

Below is a glimpse of my look… Your turn! Tackle your day with beautiful and flawless hair.

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